"Being single has never been this much fun!"
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What is SMARTdate?

SMARTdate arranges events for single people to meet face to face.  Our primary business is speed dating, and we run events in Johannesburg, Cape Town and Durban for different age groups.  These are structured so that every participant meets every other participant face to face for 5 minutes. Events are held at public venues, normally a popular restaurant or bar. The event is coordinated by a SMARTdate host who is trained to make sure people feel comfortable and welcome, and ensure that people leave feeling they have met lots of people and had fun.


We also arrange social events that are not as structured as speed dating events, but still allow single people to meet in a social environment.


The idea at all events is that you meet a whole lot of people whom you wouldn't normally have spoken to. Even if you don't have a romantic match with someone there may be potential for friendship, and from that you will be included in a larger circle of friends, and then maybe a life partner!


At each speed dating event we apply a matching system. This means that you never have to tell anyone on the night that you don't fancy them. We work with an online matching system. The day after the event you will have the opportunity to mark the names of the people you want to see again, and so will they. If you choose someone and they choose you as well, only then do you see each other's contact detail.  So if you don't like someone, you simply don't choose them, and no-one feels rejected!


Events are advertised on the website, www.SMARTdate.co.za and all participants book and pay in advance of the event. Bookings can also be made by calling 072 464 4253.


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