"Being single has never been this much fun!"


Frequently Asked Questions

1. Does speed dating work?

There is always a very high rate for the number matches at our events. This translates simply to the fact that after an event you are very likely to have at least one date, and very possibly more.

We have some great success stories from people who have met and are dating or also from people that are now living together. Also, some very good friendships have been formed from the events we have run.

At the very least, you will have met a whole lot of new people and had a fun night out..

2. How much does it cost?

Event costs vary because of where the venue is, the age group, and what is included.  This detail can be seen by clicking on the event on the home page. You will be taken to a page which shows you all of the detail for that particular event. Please do read the detail carefully.

3. Who goes to events?

The majority of people who attend events are professional people. Mostly people come to SMARTdate events because it's an alternative to picking up or being picked up at a club. In addition to that, most people are very busy and don't engage in sports clubs etc that would allow you to meet new people. In general we have a lot of members who in the financial services industry and advertising industries. One of the most frequent comments we receive is that people are surprised at the great quality of people at an event. If you're looking to attend an event, other people just like you are too!

4. What questions should I ask?

You have 5 minutes – use it well.

Decide before you arrive: What matters? What kind of person would you like to spend more time with?

Ask questions that you feel will you give insight into a person’s character. Where a person works is not necessarily who they are. Keep the “where do you work” type questions for your first date.  Aim to generate conversation with the person rather than fire questions at them. It's as important for the person you meet to know something about you as it is for you to know about them.

You only have 5 minutes. The aim is merely to work out whom you would like to spend more time talking to.

5. How many people do I meet?

The numbers at each event are determined by the venue, the type of event and the age group.  Each event has a prescribed minimum, at which level we believe you will see value for your money. The maximum number of people you meet will be 15, and our most successful events have been where there have been 7 or 8 people to meet.

However, in general, the number of people there should not affect your evening. If

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