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If you have been to an event, feel free to add your comments to this page.  The comments you do see come from genuine participants after events, and I hope give you some comfort that this is a great idea and just a great way to meet a whole lot of nice people. Lots of people have met their life partners or re now married as a result of meeting at SMARTdate. We know of all of these because their friends and family have come to events in the hopes of meeting their partners, and so have told us about their friends and family. Please, please, please do tell us what happens with your matches. It's why I do what we do! Best of luck, Jenny. 

If you’re not convinced that SMARTdate will work for you, have a look at this video.

SMARTdate Testimonials

It was a great evening meeting and networking with new people. brbr brWill be booking my next event soon. br
- Thariq [Thursday, 01 August 2019]

Thanks for the comp tickets for last night’s event. We really had a blast and met lots of cool people (February 2017) brbrbrhttps://rinsebeforeuse.com/2017/03/01/losing-my-speed-dating-virginity-and-cape-towns-man-deficit/
- Shantie, February 2017 [Wednesday, 15 March 2017]

I attended the event last night and it was fun for my first time (January 2017)
- Sylvia [Wednesday, 15 March 2017]

Hope you well. Thank you for a lovely event (September 2016)
- Rees [Wednesday, 15 March 2017]

Thanks for this, it was still a fun evening even though the men were afraid to come out in the cold (March 2016)
- Karien [Wednesday, 15 March 2017]

Even thou there was not such a good turn-out I must admit I had fun. Thank you for this (May 2016)
- Jay  [Wednesday, 15 March 2017]

I would like to thank you for last night`s meeting at Bruno`s. I really enjoyed it (April 2016)
- Lee [Wednesday, 15 March 2017]

Thanx for the event last night. I’m truly enjoying these events, meeting new people in a safe manner. (November 2015)
- Paul [Wednesday, 15 March 2017]

I attended an event last night in Centurion, and I want to share my experience. I went on my own, and felt, well to be completely honest, TERRIFIED! I was greeted by Chantelle when I arrived and was put at ease immediately.I realised that everybody is there for the same reason and feeling just as awkward! Once we started, I felt relaxed and just really enjoyed meeting interesting people! I felt really proud of myself that I went through with it, had fun and had a great evening! Thank you!
- Carol-Ann [Wednesday, 01 September 2010]

Wow what another great night, even though this was my second time at the smart date function. My nerves were still there, but once we got stared, Man what fun and I met some amazing people, We laughed, we chatted and most off all we had a night to remember. I am sure the Guys and Gals I met and swapped digits with will be great friends if nothing else I loved every minute of the event and the socializing afterword was outstanding. I would be booking my next event very soon. THANKS THE SMARTDATE TEAM for making it one hell of a comfortable and great night.
- Ryan Hanley [Thursday, 29 July 2010]

After agonising about it for more than a week, my first speed date evening arrived. I almost bailed out, but now I am soooo glad I didn`t. It really was such an awesome evening, had loads of fun and I will recommend it to absolutely every single person. Unfortunately though, I made no notes AND I somehow managed to loose my name card so when it came to completing the feed back on line the next day it was a wee bit of a problem, BUT live and learn. My advice to all first timers is to at least make a note about all the people you meet on the night as a reminder for the next day.... Can`t wait for the next speed date evening........
- Belinda  [Saturday, 17 July 2010]

To the Jenny and The Smart date team: Thank you for a wonderfull event. Daunting for a first timer...as converstion`s` flowed I felt more at ease. Overall I had a good time!
- Mpolokeng [Thursday, 15 July 2010]

What a super evening !brThanks Smartdate, I look forward to hearing from some of the people I met tonight
- Kim [Tuesday, 13 July 2010]

A really great evening, the host was super, the people I met fantastic. Overall a really fun and great evening.
- Ken [Thursday, 03 June 2010]

My 1st time experiance was wonderful. There were more women than men but during the rounds where I sat with a girl we clicked like a house on fire and we made friends. So overall friends on either side, what a bonus!
- Aneen [Thursday, 27 May 2010]

I had such a great time last night at Die Wijnhuis, Newlands. Was very nervous at first but ones you settled you find out how easy it is to just chat and meet great people.
- Vanessa [Thursday, 22 April 2010]

This was a lifetime experience and thanks to smartdate, am able to meet and explore the world of dating in just a short time period, the people I met were just the perfect matches one can never have met without a committed team like smartdate. Merci smartdate.
- Charles [Monday, 12 April 2010]

Thank you SMARTdate the event exceeded my expectations. This was my 1st speed dating experience, what a pleasant surprise. Admittedly I was slightly nervous ... in fact I almost bailed. I`m glad I decided to stay. I really enjoyed myself. Here`s a hint to other 1st timers ... write down the names, forget the notes when the bell goes, mark R/F/B. As a man it is difficult enough to focus on one thing at a time ... making notes, talking and trying to remember who is who is a daunting task. The ladies were awesome ... I`ll see how the matchup goes, if I did "crash and burn" I`ll blame it on nerves ... next time round I will be bringing my A-game (lol).
- Wilmich [Wednesday, 10 February 2010]

I enjoyed SMARTdate and hope to correspond via E-mail with the girls I`ve ticked.
- Carl [Saturday, 24 October 2009]

It was good, first time ever to go on one and yes nervous as hell but as the evening went on things got better just wished for 3 more minutes as some were very interesting.
- Elliott [Saturday, 29 August 2009]

Some Smart Date Tips for 1st timers ….I by no means consider myself a professional dater… however after experiencing my 1st Smart Date Event, I do feel I can give my R10’s worth to any 1st timers 1. There is nothing to be nervous about – only lot’s to look forward too…! So make it your SMDR (Smart Date Resolution) to just enjoy yourself!!!! 2. Steer away from the rather tedious questions, be creative with questions ( What did you eat before you came here? If your boss called you up tomorrow morning and told you to take the day off how would you spend your day?) 3. Don’t be narrow minded in your choices, remember that the person you’re talking could be really nervous, so instead of focusing on what you don’t like about the person, rather focus on what you do like abo
- Lena Malope [Tuesday, 05 May 2009]

A very kool `first-time` experience. The co-ordinator was all smiles and was very welcoming. The event itself was at a cosy location with a diverse group of fun people to socialise with. I look forward to my next time...
- Kshetra [Saturday, 02 May 2009]

I attended the speed dating event at CoFi Centurion last night and although it was disappointing that there were a lot of people who did not bother sticking to their appointment, never the less it was great fun.brbrI`ve met 3 really cool guys who I think would be awesome people to get to know better so let`s see how it goes...Thanks Smart Date! :)
- Jessica [Wednesday, 01 April 2009]

I had a great time at the party SMARTdate held in December. It was the most fun I had in a long time and I met some great people.
- Claire Cuthbert [Tuesday, 16 December 2008]

Ahhh, as usual, Jenny and the team arranged a wonderful evening. I am becoming a serial smartdater, regardless of whether I meet someone new or not! :-)
- Kobus Myburgh [Monday, 15 December 2008]

I was scared initially, not knowing what to expect, but I met a great guy and we have been seeing each other since then.
- Leon [Thursday, 11 December 2008]

Had my first speed date on the 19/11/2008. It was very simple. Same people, same language, same blood and everyone ready to meet you. Nothing strange/ horrible/ bad but just to socialize. You`ll never know what best can come out of this. See you there!. Sechaba
- Sechaba Pitso [Friday, 21 November 2008]

Thanks for a wonderful event on 21 August at Turtle Creek. I had the greatest evening! It is probably the most fun you can have with your clothes on! Kobus
- [Friday, 03 October 2008]

I have been meaning to send you feedback on the Italian cookery class since the 16th but was down with flu. Just to say that I had a fabulous evening and really enjoyed the company, the good wine and the food of course! The people were really lovely, as I said on the evening, it was so nice to spend an evening with progressive, positive folk that enjoy the good things in life. Thanks again! Nancy
- [Friday, 03 October 2008]

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